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Private Wealth Advisory

Raymond specialises in developing wealth strategies and executing effective solutions with his clients. Through the effective use of financial and investment tools, he has helped private wealth clients (Accredited Investors) sustained and multiplied their wealth, and created a robust legacy for multiple generations.

Wealth Planning

Raymond will work with you to protect your income, preserve, and grow your wealth through astute wealth planning. He will advise and work with you to preserve and distribute your wealth assets through Legacy and Protection Planning, Comprehensive Wealth Management, and Philanthropic Giving.

Income and Wealth Protection

Insurance plays a key role in your financial well-being, providing financial security for you and your family when it’s needed most. Our firm offers a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions provided by reputable global companies. And, to help you leave a legacy for your loved ones and your generations to come.

The four main types of insurance we offer are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal General Insurance and Universal Life Insurance. Life insurance provides you and your family financial security against unforeseen situations and also serve as a wealth accumulation and distribution tool. Health Insurance ensures your savings will not be depleted by medical treatments due to accidents, medical emergencies or critical illnesses. This ensures you can receive premium medical care and treatment while protecting you against permanent and temporary loss of income due to your inability to work. Personal General Insurance protects you against theft, loss, or damage to your precious possessions and assets. Universal Life Insurance is a unique set of insurance plans designed to offer you with a comprehensive life assurance that helps high net worth individuals like you to create a legacy for your loved ones and your future generations.

Raymond will do a detailed analysis of your financial well-being and lifestyle preferences. He will also help you look into your Medisave, Medishield, and your existing coverage before proposing any value-added advices and recommendations.

Investment Advice

Raymond works closely with his investment team to provide you with the latest uptrend in the market. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in Fintech, our robust system will help you achieve your intended aspirations effortlessly. Raymond will work with you to understand your risk appetite, financial goals, and investment timeframe. He can also bring you access to premium alternative investments such as exclusive investment funds, property funds, hedge funds, bonds and equities. Thus, achieving a stronger diversified portfolio that you seek.



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