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I have known my adviser Raymond Wong Chung Shun for several years and find him helpful, knowledgeable, competent and fast to respond to my financial needs.

He is able to provide sound and professional financial advice personally and to my family. He reviewed my existing protection and investment portfolio to provide an independent and comprehensive financial plan that benefited me.

I will recommend Raymond to anyone who likes to receive excellent and impartial financial planning strategies with the best breed of solutions from various insurers and fund houses. He will help you achieve financial independence for your future as well as lifetime financial security and success.

Ms Leong, Head of Finance, CPA

Raymond is very friendly, approachable and kind-hearted which makes me trust in him and put my financials in his hand. I made him my financial adviser. He has introduced to me a good plan which covers early critical illnesses including first stage cancer, which I felt is good for me. 

Also, he has helped me to downgrade my hospital plan to Government hospital as-charged plan as I may not be able to afford the higher premium for private hospital due to age, which I felt is good for me too. I really appreciate Raymond’s help.

He has introduced plans that take care of every area of my needs according to my financial affordability. I felt secure as I was fully covered.

I would strongly recommend Raymond to people because of his prompt, personal and good service when I need him to give me valuable advice regarding my plans. Thanks Raymond!

Linda Yeo, Administrator

We find our adviser, Raymond Wong Chung Shun, friendly and helpful and knowledgeable on the financial plans that we need.

Compared to our past experiences with others whom we have engaged previously, Raymond is always not aggressive and always listens to our needs.

We would also recommend Raymond to anyone who likes to plan for financial success and achieve financial independence.

Mr Ho & Mrs Ho, Director, Business Owner & Former Head of Operation

Thanks Raymond for helping me to write my Will and to review my current financial standing to plan for my early retirement.

The fact that IPPFA is not tagged to any specific Insurer alone, provides assurance that there is no biasness to the plan selections.

Appreciate you accommodating to our mutually-convenient meetup venue and time for all appointments.

Justina, Technical Professional, BCA

Raymond possesses in-depth knowledge on the different available plans in the market to help me and my family with our protection needs. He always keeps an eye on getting us the plans that match our needs and budget, without us having to overstretch our budget.

Raymond has advised and worked with us on the different aspects to plan for as we approach different stages in life. This has led us to be in a healthier financial shape without us having to worry when we retire or when we send our children to university in the future.

In addition, he is always readily available to take our queries in topics ranging from retirement planning to estate planning etc. I will recommend Raymond as someone to go to for any matters mentioned above.

Ray Khoo, IT Management, Foreign Bank

Raymond is easy to reach as and when I need his support and service. Frequent updating on my investment and providing advice as and when required.

No notice is required as he automatically sends email for any new investment update and or good promotion.

I have recommended Raymond to some friends as their Wealth Planner.

Mohd, General Manager

Being an independently-owned adviser, I believe Raymond can recommend the most suitable plan available in the market.

The retirement planning is something that meets my need. He has also recommended will writing which I am keen to implement soon, although there was some delay on my part for the will.

I would not hesitate to recommend Raymond to any friend who is interested.

Grace, Accountant

I have decided to work with Raymond due to his familiarity in planning. He had also previously taken over my plan and he keeps in touch. He regularly follows up for me on my needs and sends me nice greetings.

One of my favourite parts of his service is he helped me with preparation to plan for the future. His planning process is different from other advisers as he offers more personalized service.

Raymond gave me various options. He advised on the low and high-risk investment options available, and allowed me space to choose the right plan that suits me – that which I am comfortable to invest in the years on.

I will definitely recommend Raymond to others.

Sree, Management

Raymond is professional and very friendly. He can think from his clients’ perspective, and he also helps them improve their finances.

He has helped me in financial planning and has also advised me to attend some relevant and useful events.

I highly recommend Raymond to others.

Peter, Senior Researcher, MNC

I got to know about Raymond via an acquaintance. Raymond is a patient listener and is different from other advisers as he is transparent in explanation.

Some beneficial financial outcomes since I started working with Raymond would be long term coverage and financial benefit.

Raymond is a trusted adviser who can be trusted with your finances.

Raj (Management, NEA)

I had met Raymond at a lunch seminar at my organization. Raymond patiently explains the type of protection plans I am having now and what I lack.

Raymond does not hard sell any products as compared to others.

I would recommend Raymond because he would work out the financial plans based on your requirements.

Mr Song, Senior Project Manager

Raymond has been my adviser on protection plans for the last 10 years. Over the period of time, he has advised on plans that suit my requirement, with a right mix and within my financial ability.

Raymond is sincere, knowledgeable and he goes the extra mile.

Yes, surely I will recommend Raymond to others.

Krishnan, Financial Controller, MNC

Raymond is a sincere, thoughtful and professional adviser.

He provides sensible advice for me based on my personal preference for wealth planning as well as my current financial status.

I would strongly recommend Raymond to others.

Jiang Heng, NTU Professor

We got to know Raymond several years ago when he worked with our parents as their adviser. After several times of interaction with him, I found him knowledgeable in financial areas and familiar with the latest changes in the protection plans.

Raymond is very patient when explaining any complicated wordings to us to make it easy to understand and he is very attentive to our customized requests. Unlike the other advisers we had interacted with before who may just be interested in selling products, Raymond always started from understanding of our financial situation and he provides suitable and professional advice.

With Raymond’s help, we feel that we are much healthier financially. I would definitely recommend Raymond to my other friends.

Mr Jun & Family, Senior Engineering Manager

I like Raymond’s dedication to his planning work, friendly, keeps in touch with us, follows up on our needs and able to meet at a mutually convenient time.

He has given good suggestions for health (medical) plans and also on investment and saving options. He explains the schemes well and listens to my thoughts as well and makes me feel comfortable.

I have benefited from his recommendations. I would recommend him to others and finally I would say he is a very good person and professional adviser.

Mr & Mrs Tirkey, Principal Engineer

Raymond is patient in explaining the various suitable plans and very responsive to queries in many useful financial topics. He is well-versed in the wealth planning area. Definitely will recommend him as your wealth planner.

Ms Kah, Management, Banking& Finance

Happy to work with Raymond as he is sincere to recommend plans that are beneficial to the clients. He will provide different plans for consideration after knowing your needs. He is patient, fast and responsive when you make enquiries or ask for different plans. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Lim, QA Manager& Purchase Manager

It has been a real pleasure working with Raymond this past few years. From the time I got married up to this day that I already have 2 kids, he has been there to help review and assess what my financial planning needs are in every stage of my life. I really appreciate all his sound advice and suggestions as it helped me tremendously in planning for my future.

Joana, IT Management, Bank

Raymond is a sincere adviser who holistically looked at what is lacking in my portfolio. My early critical illness protection gap was filled after meeting with Raymond as it has provided me a better financial security.

Mr Chan, Senior Project Engineer



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