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Personal Advisory Services

I’ll be by your side through every step of your personal financial journey. I pride myself in creating realistic and effective wealth solutions such as protecting your income, creating and growing your wealth, helping families pass on a meaningful legacy, and helping you realise and enjoy your golden legacy.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is key to protecting, creating and growing wealth. I will work with you and create realistic and effective wealth solutions based on your income, savings, net worth and priorities so you can achieve your financial goals and build a golden nest egg for your retirement. More than just ensuring your Financial Security, Smart Financial Planning also protects yourself and your loved ones and helps you pass on a meaningful and enduring Legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Income Protection Advice

Insurance plays a key role in your financial well-being, providing financial security for you and your family when it’s needed most. My firm offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions from their wide selections of insurance providers globally to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The three main types of insurance we offer are Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Personal General Insurance. Life insurance provides you and your family financial security against unforeseen situations and also serve as a wealth accumulation and distribution tool. Health Insurance ensures your savings will not be depleted for medical treatments due to accidents, medical emergencies or critical illnesses, ensures you can get quality medical care and treatment, and protects you against permanent and temporary loss of income due to the inability of work. Personal General Insurance protects you against thief, loss, or damage of your precious processions.

I will do a detailed analysis of your financial and lifestyle circumstances, and your existing coverage before I offer my comprehensive advice and recommendations for you to ensure you are adequately covered for you and your family’s needs.

Investment Advice

I work closely with the investment team in our wealth advisory firm with their robust research on the latest developments in the financial markets. After understanding your risk appetite, financial goals and investment horizon, I will create a customised investment portfolio designed to meet your needs.



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