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Business Advisory Services

Raymond works alongside many business owners, directors, CEOs and senior managers in different industries and companies. His vast exposures and experiences working with both local and overseas firm could help you in the following;

Business Continuation Planning

The unexpected loss of a business partner can be both shocking and painful personally and professionally. Putting together a plan for how the business should continue can be stressful and disruptive for the surviving partner(s) if the necessary transfer of shares is not handled well. It is common to encounter disagreements on the valuation of the shares, and often, the inexperience of surviving family results in the undervaluation of the shares when they are sold. It is therefore, essential to seek the counsel of a trusted and experienced advisor when undertaking this sensitive and often confusing process.

Raymond can work with you on business succession planning in the areas of protection of keyman/keyowner, sale and purchase agreement, shareholder agreement, and professional management for business sustainability.

Employee Benefits Planning

Your employees play a pivoting role in the success of your company. Finding and attracting talents is half of the battle; retaining them is the other. In this highly competitive market, rival businesses could offer better and enticing remuneration packages. Your reward systems such as benefits and salaries should be carefully crafted. Raymond will assist you in creating a comprehensive employee benefit strategy which includes group life, disability, health and medical insurance.

He is also able to offer advices relating to staff retention schemes and gratuitous compensation plans for key employees and senior managements.

Investment Planning

Successful businesses will often keep pools of cash in reserve, left dormant for years until needed to enable further company growth. However, how can businesses do more with these funds? Raymond can advise you on ways to successfully invest these monies to create potentially higher returns than banks while keeping liquidity in mind.



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